Monday, January 10, 2011

Too Tired to Think of Title But Clever Insertion of The Virgin is Needed (Wow That Sounds Wrong)

The Virgin who piqued my interest also possessed the second component of the Triumervate, or, three conditions necessary for intimacy as described in an earlier post, which was Intellectual Versatility. He was clever and indulged my love of wordplay. The fact that he had a brain and knew how to use it was greatly appreciated by yours truly.

I knew I liked him as I entered the second stage of infatuation. Oh wait, I guess I should describe the first stage. Right. Back up the train. For me, the delusional trajectory goes a little something like this: If I like a guy I project upon him all kinds of good qualities he doesn't necessarily posses as well as the ability to realize his highest potential, which again, he may not actually have. This rosy haze could be referred to as the 'too good to be true' phase.

From my friends' perspectives, when they hear me imbue the lucky chap with piles of superlatives it provokes either smiles and sympathetic cooing or eye rolls and stern lecturing. As for the guy, he initially rejoices in being made to feel like King Kong on cocaine saying things like, "No one ever noticed that before." My payoff is that I enjoy reciprocal flattery like how I'm so full of emotional wisdom. Oh, I'm full of *something* alright. At the time I say it, I actually believe it, but in retrospect, it's a telltale sign I've lost my mind to my libido.

The second stage of romantic fantasy is when I compare astrological signs like the Crazy Woman from Mars. Even though I'm fully aware of the principle that we can all see ourselves in generic descriptors, namely, the traditional charcteristics for each of the signs, some vague notion of cosmic truth resonates within me. My personality fits the usual Aries characterization. He was Gemini. If you do the 'math', it's a good match, overall. I won't bore you with the gory details, but then again, maybe I will. Nah.

Time's up. I extend a warm thank you to my non-existent audience for allowing me to purge ever more mental debris as I try to clean up my act. Blogging is like meditation.I visit the spin cycle of my monkey mind and throw it out to the universe to do with it what it will.

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