Sunday, January 23, 2011

Owner's Manual

I jokingly refer to my journal section on the dating site as a 'user guide.' The more I think about it though, the more I like the idea of providing a quasi-technical reference about what makes me tick. If I could clearly communicate who I am and what I want, it would help people to understand where I'm coming from and whether or not we'd be compatible for coupledom.

According to Wikipedia, the All-Source, the standard format for a written guide of modus operandi includes:
  • A cover page
  • A title page and copyright page
  • A preface, containing details of related documents and information on how to navigate the user guide
  • A contents page
  • A guide on how to use at least the main functions of the system
  • A troubleshooting section detailing possible errors or problems that may occur, along with how to fix them
  • A FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • Where to find further help, and contact details
  • A glossary and, for larger documents, an index
I'm going to consider the 'About Me' section of my online profile as the cover, title, and copyright page rolled into one. If someone reaches the end of the profile, they've got a sense of how I present myself in the here and now. As for a preface, this very blog you are reading serves as a testing ground in creating an accurate synopsis of myself. It's my first attempt to describe my complex motivations in a way that gives me room to recoil in horror and then get used to an idea or to reject it as not the right fit.

A Table of Contents would be divided it into heart, brain, and vagina with subsections for each chapter. Of course, they can't be so easily separated but being all the nerd I can be, it'd be interesting to do just that. Those words also need revision as chapter titles since vagina is way too clinical. I'd  include diagrams culled from the Internet to illustrate ideas in each section. Oh boy! Sharing is fun!

The basics of "Getting Started" or 'quickie' as it might be described in terms of the vagina (sexual aspect) would be tons of fun to write. Food for thought, indeed. Troubleshooting could be an interesting revelation on my communication style...or lack thereof. The word 'interesting' has long been my preferred way of saying I don't want to say what I really think. Tact takes time and I'm running out of it cos I have stuff to do.

I've been itching to do an FAQ for eons because of the crazy questions I get and my alternately bemused and befuddled reaction to various kinds of attention. Further help and contact details are embedded in the "Message Me If" section of the profile which is inane in its conception but that's a subject for another blog. 

The Glossary will be lavished with attention since I love wordplay. Christ Almighty, an index? Oh, forget about it, that would take foreverrrrr! Now that I've got the barebones established, I'll set about working on each chapter. I got my blog on!

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