Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goldicocks and The Three Boys

Originally, I was going to call this post "Ignorant Immigrant" in reference to the first candidate for my casual sex interest, but he's not a jerk; he just doesn't know how to use his words to turn me on. In a way though, his wrong words and cumbersome phrases are weaving a spell on me because for all his broken English, the man has a hot body and a good heart. The Endearing Immigrant, as he shall henceforth be described, deserves honorary mention as a current man project.

At this point, I'm not strictly window shopping on the dating site. I'm actively looking at men on a case-by-case basis and trying to find the best fit. It might be worthwhile to mention that EI says a woman he fucked (or made sex to LOL) in the past claimed he was 'too big'. So, it's quite possible this boy is 'too big' for me. I say that tongue-in-cheek - he's using terms of endearment like they're going out of style (which is somewhat European) but has recently stumbled upon recurrent themes like he thinks I'm 'sweet', and he wants 'a girl like me' to take care of him, blah blah blah. I'm trying to filter this out as typical white noise a man might make in his romancing the pants off a woman stage. If he keeps it up though, his words will trip him up. I don't want him to start making any plans around me.

I'm talking to another muscle-bound man who's a bit more fluent in Smurfspeak. This pilgrim seems honest and straightforward and makes no bones about his interest in my ass. Apparently, I have a nice ass although you can't see it in any of my pictures. The man's either delusional or has a vivid imagination. I agree with his assessment that my boobs are big, though, cos it's obvious in any picture. At any rate, for what it's worth, he's positive and amenable. He can reflect back to me he understands what I'm saying. Unfortunately, he might be 'too small' since he's 5'10. He's got 4 inches on me but it's not an instant attraction. We'll see if that spark is there if and when I meet him IRL.

The guy who might be 'just right' is, of course, a much more talkative chap and makes me laugh a lot. He's attractive to me in that he's more articulate in addition to being a good-looking guy. Naturally, he's got a virtual harem. He wanted me to text him and I declined so who knows if that's a deal-breaker for him. Apparently, texting is his means of communication with his pussy posse. My words, not his. So, given the fact that there are plenty of chicks interested in this dick (and his ability to 'understand' women), I'm not sure if I want him, anymore. On the one hand, he's unlikely to ask for any emotional investment so I'd have plenty of space. It would be a user-friendly interaction. On the other hand, I wouldn't be treated like a priority and that aggravates the shit out of me.

Looking at my current choices, which may be summarily rejected in the nicest way possible, it occurs to me I  need to achieve a balance where I like someone enough to want to have sex with them, but not too much to avoid emotional entrapment. It may seem like I'm going through a selfish phase, but I'm also looking out for the guy's interest. If it feels like he's going to fall overboard, while I'm tempted to shove him off and throw him a lifesaver, I'm more likely to talk him off the ledge and sit with him to comfort or explain things as best I can. The more I honestly express my interest in short-term connections, the less daunting it seems. I'll revist my definition of short-term dating in the next blog.

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